The Benefits of LPG

The Benefits of LPG for Catering

We ensure our customers always feel connected to a great, reliable sourced of energy. LPG is an ideal fuel for many business applications, and is especially suited for businesses like yours.


When it comes to heating your business, with LPG you'd never know you weren't on a mains supply.

  • Up to 40% cheaper than oil
  • Low investment costs and quick payback on equipment
  • Automated delivery service - as if you were on the mains
  • Green fuel - up to 50% fewer emissions than oil


If you're serious about your food, you'll want to be able to cook on a controllable gas flame. LPG gives you all the flexibility in the kitchen that mains gas does.


  • Controllable gas flame for just the right heat
  • Easy lighting system
  • Clean burning and environmentally friendly fuel

Mobile Catering

Flogas provides LPG to mobile caterers across the country, delivering a reliable and efficient service at all times. Flogas' 19kg propane cylinders are the ideal fuel source for mobile caterers; portable, reliable and readily available, Flogas LPG keeps you on the move.

  • Nationwide supply
  • Reliable, hassle free delivery
  • Easy online and phone ordering, when you're on the go
  • Complete range of cylinders available