LPG for Forklift Trucks

LPG for forklift trucks is a cleaner, cheaper and more flexible than diesel and has great benefits of electricity too.

If you're already using LPG with another supplier, we'll provide a service that reduce your energy bills, saves you stress and connects you to a team of energy experts.

What's more Flogas will take the hassle out of your LPG supply by providing the ideal solution and ensuring a constant energy supply without you having to do a thing. Which means you can focus on what you do best - running a great, productive business.

The Benefits of LPG

The Benefits of LPG

More and more business are switching to LPG for their forklift trucks. And we supply all sizes and companies - from small operations to huge multinationals.

It's the ideal industry fuel

If you currently run your forklift trucks on diesel or electricity, then you may be paying over the odds and constrained by certain limitations. There are many benefits that LPG could bring to your business - switching today can save you money and help increase your business' efficiency.

Why choose Flogas for your LPG?

Why choose Flogas for your LPG?

We're the experts in energy so you don't have to be

We've been providing alternative energy solutions to commercial and domestic customers in the UK since 1984 and have a team of experts ready to design and install the best LPG system for your needs. That's why we never force an 'off-the-shelf' solution on our customers.

LPG Supply Options

LPG Supply Options

We offer a choice of supply options to suit all sizes of business. When you choose Flogas for your LPG, our energy experts will talk to you about your requirements and find a storage and supply solution that suits you best, whether a bulk storage tank or range of cylinders.

Bulk supply with telemetry

This is by far the most convenient option for larger businesses. We'll install a tank or tanks on your premises, monitor your use remotely and keep your supply topped up without you having to do a thing.

18kg cylinders

These are great for smaller businesses who don't require the volume of bulk storage. They're easy to handle and can be changed in a matter of minutes.

Smaller cylinders

We also offer a choice of smaller cylinders, which give you great flexibility.