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LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) from MacGas

LPG (liquified petroleum gas) comes as butane or propane, and is the perfect energy source if you are off the main gas network. The benefits of using LPG include cost savings and carbon reductions over other alternative fuels. LPG suppliers such as MacGas, have long realised that the environmental impact of using LPG is far kinder to our carbon footprint than other alternative fuels. It may also be one of the reasons why more and more domestic households are switching to LPG and our LPG home delivery service.

We source our LPG gas from UK oil refineries and transport it across the LPG Scotland network via our fleet of delivery vehicles.

We know that our future lies with our customers, and this is why we make our customer service a priority - if we can maintain a high standard here, coupled with competitive prices, then we will always maintain our position as one of the Scotland's favourite LPG suppliers.

Switch LPG Supplier

If you are currently not with MacGas, but would like to find out how to switch LPG supplier to MacGas, read our page on switching suppliers, or you can call one of our friendly customer service advisors on 0800 298 1660 We will help you and talk you through your options, the pricing differential for you to compare and how to switch lpg supplier to MacGas easily and quickly. We can make the process to switch LPG supplier hassle free. We can also talk you through the options to switch oil to LPG gas for domestic or commerical use.

As well as supplying bulk LPG, we also supply LPG cylinders as propane or butane for domestic, business, and farming use. You can read all about our service to the domestic and business market on this website.

LPG Propane and Butane Gas Suppliers for Scotland

We supply LPG to both domestic and commercial properties throughout Scotland. We are confident wherever you are, wherever you work, wherever you live in Scotland - MacGas can help you with an LPG supply.

Our call centre staff are fully trained to help you out no matter what your situation - If you're switching your LPG supplier or changing your fuel source for your home, please give us a call. Perhaps you need LPG to supply your commercial heating needs for a factory or office, hotel, pub, restaurant, farm, caravan park, for industrial processes or for powering your fork lift trucks we can help you.

LPG propane is a great option if you are in an area that is not connected to the main gas supply. Our network of trucks delivers to Scotland's rural area. With MacGas LPG, it's just like being on a mains gas supply for heating, hot water and cooking on a real gas flame.